Lingq again does not recognize words with hyphen

For Example in this French lesson

Lingq does not recognize any word which contains a hyphen. E.g. the first word in the first sentence Avez- in Avez-vous (vous has already a lingq in my vocabulary set and is yellow) or the forth sentence Pardonnez-moi. Here neither Pardonnez- nor moi can be lingqed. It is not possible to make lingqs for them.
This seems to be an old bug, which was fixed 3 year ago and then again 1 years ago and seems to occur again now.
This problem occurs in the web version of LingQ and in the app.

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Thanks, that lesson should be fixed now. There are still some lessons that needs to be re-split properly in case that some words are unselectable.

Thanks Zoran for this quick repair. Yes, lingqing is now possible for the words with hyphens in this lesson. Here is just another lesson from the same collection:

==> Can we (the community) do this “re-split” ourselves or will you improve the software for a general solution?

As I just realized, there’s another problem with hyphenized expressions:
When I select the complete expression e.g. Avez-vous the hyphen is not taken over to the lingq. But this would be necessary because Avez-vous is a fixed grammatical construct (la question avec inversion), to which the hyphen also belongs and sometimes the quesiton mark too (pardonnez-moi ?). In general it should be an option to include punctuation marks in lingqs.

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I edited that lesson too now. Premium users can edit the lesson, but can’t re-split it at the moment.

It really would be good if hyphens weren’t just ignored. They matter in languages like French. The way things work right now, you actually have to misspell them when reviewing words.