LingQ Academy and Coaching sessions

I really appreciate the new Academy page. I hope new members will easily find it and watch all the tutorials in order to learn how to use LingQ, so that we’ll have more paying members.
I see you included the Coaching sessions part that was discussed some time ago, but I don’t see how I can offer coaching sessions. I’d like to offer a few in Italian, and maybe in other languages.
Have a blessed Sunday,

Hi Mike, we are gradually working out all of the bugs. For now it is just me, but we want to add others as well. Thank you for your interest, we will get back to you.

I might add that we want to make it easier for existing experienced members to persuade new people to use the site and upgrade. You will see these developments over the next little while.

As you know, if a member coaches a newbie, or free user, and persuades that person of the benefits of upgrading, the existing member earns points for the referral. (200 points per month that the new member remains a paying user). Ideally we would like to make it possible for each active coach at the Academy, using a variety of methods, blogs, Facebook, or whatever, and the Academy, to persuade as many as hundreds of people to upgrade.

But one step at a time.

@Steve: As far as I know we do not get 200 points per month any longer. We get 10% of each payment. Am I right?

@Vera - We have some ideas about rewarding coaches if we have member coaches that are helping other members get started on the system. However, for now we’re just testing this coaching system out. In the meantime referrers are still getting 10 to 20% (mostly 20%) of all transactions for their referrals.

Mark, now I’m totally confused. When do referrers getting 10% and when 20%?

Referrers get 10% of point purchases and Premium Plus purchases. Premium purchases pay 20%.

Thank you for clarification.

A suggestion: maybe it is possible to record a coaching session of Steve to give an example how they work.

I will try to make a recording of a coaching session, Vera. There are still a number of things to sort out before I started doing this. One concern I have is that we will have a lot of no-shows, people who aren’t really interested in learning about LingQ but just want a free conversation and then may not even show up.

Blimey! I go off for a week or two to learn how to knit socks and when I come back, LingQ’s all different. What’s this coaching thing then? Is there a forum post explaining it?

I’m happy to do some.

@skyblue - I believe they are talking about the new ‘Academy’ link at the top of the page next to the link to the forum. I don’t think you’ve missed any official announcement or forum post… if there was, I missed it. I think the link was just quietly added earlier this week.

We are working out the details. There are some issues with the seriousness of the people who sign up for these coaching discussions. Once we have further improved the Academy and our approach to coaching, we will be sure to enlist some of our keen members, such as those who have commented here on this thread.

What happened to the coaching sessions for new members?

@mikebond - Coaching was one of those things that we thought would be good and tried out but didn’t end up panning out.

We found that coaching wasn’t used much, and those who signed up didn’t seem to be any better off than standard members. Because of this, we removed coaching and emphasized Steve’s Seven Secrets series more on the Academy page.

Alex, thanks for your answer. When I last looked at the Academy page, the Coaching paragraph was still there but without any available section. That’s why I asked. It’s a pity that it didn’t work as planned…