LingQ 5.0 Criticisms

There are a few issues that I would like to comment on being a long time user of LingQ (almost two years). I’ve taken my Korean to near fluency by using this app heavily and I think that for the most part LingQ is a great app, but I believe the new update has taken the app backwards in its functionality and has made it more difficult and cumbersome for me to harness its language learning capacities as compared to before.

  1. Dictionaries are difficult to access
  2. Before, dictionaries and definitions would be displayed at a single click, but now there are additional clicks, scrolls, etc. involved in order to access these core functionalities. This might not seem like a huge deal but when you are accessing hundreds if not thousands of lingqs every single day, particularly on mobile devices where movements of the thumbs and fingers are fatigue-inducing, it gets old real fast.
  3. Saved definitions are immediately hidden away
  4. Why? Why wouldn’t I want to review the definition I just saved rather than having it immediately be pulled out of my view?
  5. It is difficult to see which word I stopped on after saving a definition.
  6. I like that there are now more words that fit into the panel on the web version of the app, however this change should be accompanied by a feature that makes it easier to see which word you left off on when setting a definition. In its current state, there is a barely distinguishable line box that appears around words that you select but even this vague visual feature disappears after you save a definition. This feature should be more striking (perhaps a different color line entirely? Or have the whole word be surrounded by a stark color? something that easily stands out) and should NOT fade out when you save a definition as this is the time when you want to look back towards the body of text
  7. Importing lessons takes longer than they used to.
  8. maybe not the biggest deal but it is still quite annoying.