Lingq 5.0 beta: "what are you looking for" -section

This remark may also apply to the current interface. I am testing on PC. The button in the lower right corner shows some tutorial stuff and overview. The problem is that the titles are printed in a orange on white color making the titles practically unreadable to me. I know, I have some color issues (probably one of the pixels missing in my eyes), but orange on white is insufficient contrast and leaves me straining my eyes to see what it says. Is it possible to give these titles some more contrast? Maybe blue on white? Or some other way to make it more readable?

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Another issue in the same vein is that while browsing a forum using 5.0 beta, I could not see how to make a new post, so I post everything through the old interface. Not sure whether this is deliberate or not. Maybe that part is not ready yet? Maybe I just did not intuitively find the right button? I just don’t see it.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll check with the team if we can change the colour there.
Regarding the New Post/New Thread, that hasn’t really changed in the Beta, it’s basically the same as it’s now. Under the Forum you want to create a new thread in, you will find the “+New Thread” button on the top, or if you just want to leave a post in the existing field, click on the Reply, or type directly into the message field, below the first post.

I must have missed that, even though it did not change. thanks for reminding me.