Lingq 5.0 beta: reader critique

This is all my personal opinion. I am critical of 5.0 beta. If the current 5.0 beta replaces the current, old interface, the reader (my main tool) would be far less usable for me than the current, old reader. I read my lessons on the PC.

I like the general presentation. I still need to use it more to find out more details, but so far I like it.
Workflow support reader and usability
I find the workflow support lacking for the core activity: studying documents (reader). It feels like workflow and usability were not a consideration during the design (this could just be me).

  • Hiding the notes behind a drop down is one example.
  • Inability to navigate (blue/yellow) word → definition (-> extra definition) → notes → (back to ) word.
  • This is pretty basic. For example the and could do the job. Currently these jump all over the place. It should cycle within the application
  • Please exclude the (X, 1, 2, 3, 4, K) from the as one can reach them from a click or a key press.
  • Losing focus as soon as you click in the window to get rid of the dictionary window for example. The information disappears fully to be replaced by a list of words (?): why? Again I have to click to regain focus and get the information. And I look up dictionary for every new word.

I have trouble staying on 5.0 beta for longer than a few minutes. The current interface is certainly not better, but it is workable.
I sincerely hope this helps in improving 5.0 beta to where it becomes usable for me.