Lingq 5.0 beta first comments: notes in dropdown?

I started testing the beta 5.0 interface on my PC and one issue is extremely annoying: the notes per word is a drop down button. In order to see the information I have to click the button for every word, every single time. So for every single word, I have to stop typing, grab the mouse and click the drop down button for notes, that then displays one box. This is not just annoying, it is useless and counterproductive! When I am scanning words using the arrow, I don’t want to have to grab the mouse for every word in order to see everything. Notes for me complete the picture. The remarks I make in there are important and when browsing words in an article using the arrow key to go back and forth, I want to see the whole picture. Even though I like the new user interface in general, this “feature” would drive me back to the old interface where I have immediate access to notes per word.

EDIT: additionally, when typing input, the enter key results in exitting the entry box. I can no longer add a second line. This is really unfortunate: is it necessary? I really want to enter the information. For example I often enter the nominative or infinitive and additionally some related nominatives (for a compound word for example). Please restore the entry box as it was functionally. – EDIT2: (@Mycroft) using the shift with enter solves the multiple line issue.


I don’t have 5.0, but for your “edit” complaint, try holding the shift key down when you hit enter. That usually prevents the enter button from being activated.

Thanks, holding the shift works.
P.S. You have 5.0 beta too, I think they made it publicly available (for members).