Lingq 5 issues - copy to clipboard & saved notes

I have encountered the following issues since Lingq 5.0 (currently using Lingq 5.06 ios).

  1. Copy to clipboard not functional
    I understand that the method to copy to clipboard function has changed since Lingq 5.0 but I cannot get the new method to work.

When I press on the target-language word/phrase within the translation pop-up box for more than 2 seconds, the following options appear: Copy, Look Up, Share…
Unfortunately, after the copy option does not appear to work. After I select “Copy”, the clipboard remains empty.

  1. Saved notes do not appear in pop-up box
    The translation pop-up box displays my saved meanings (i.e. translations) but does not display my saved notes. I often use the notes function for difficult words/phrases to create short-hand “notes to self” which would be of no interest to other users. E.g. suspected instances of incorrect use / things to check with my tutor / guesses / the name of a TV show where I heard the phrase being used etc.

The only way I seem to be able to view my saved notes for a word/phrase (or to know whether I have even saved any notes for a particular word/phrase) is to go into edit mode from within the pop-up box. But this is extremely inefficient & makes the notes function effectively unusable.

It may be that the intended outcome is to save such “notes to self” in the translation field. But given that saved translations are available to other users & my saved notes are a catalogue of unreliable translations and suspected mistakes, is there some way to flag them so that other users know not to rely on them?

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Thanks for your feedback. Let me check this with our iOS developers and testers and I’ll get back to you when I hear back from them.