LingQ 2.0 working great!

Nice job! Working fast and almost perfect now. [windows 7 professional 32bit, FireFox 15.0]

Love it!

The only thing not working is the play button in the LinqQ box

Great to hear you’re liking it! Please make sure you have the most recent version of Flash installed and let us know if this helps. You can download Flash here:

All issues seem cleared up now on my end as well. Everything is running smoothly on all browsers!

Yeah LingQ 2.0! Looks great so far. Can’t wait to begin!

@djc463 You wrote “Everything is running smoothly on all browsers!”.

Sorry, I can not agree. In Chrome, while working with a text, key strokes are sometimes not recognized, or error messages pop up, and I must refresh the page because there is no reaction! Or there are “500 - Server error” messages.

@hape - When you run into problems like this, it would be great if you could open up the Error Console, take a screenshot then email it to us at support (at) This should give us a much clearer understanding of the issues.

Please, make it possible to search by providers!!! i loved the past version more anyway, i hope i will get used to this one as well, but at least make it possible to search py providers!!

@sergeysafronov - We do have plans to add this soon, don’t worry!

Liking the new platform.