Lingq 2 looks good

Hi All, I’ve been a member a long time, joining 2 years ago to learn Korean. At that time i did not find Lingq very useful to me so I havent really used it much but coming back now the new version seems like a really nice step up. I’m looking forward to this a lot, I was previously excited about Lingq but disappointed so its really cool to see that the site has come on so far since then.

I’m learning Korean again, guess I will start with the Iyagi content and see where to go from there.

I decided to set a big target so am going to try for 2000 lingqs a month. We’ll see how that goes…

Anyway I just wanted to say hello and that the site looks a lot nicer.

Thanks for the kind words, Chris. Glad to hear that you’re liking the new system. 2000 LingQ this month should be a good challenge (although not for some LingQers!). Best of luck with your Korean :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

I agree - I think the new interface is great. I seem to remember tying LingQ years ago, but not being impressed with it for whatever reason. Now I absolutely love it. I’ve been making great progress in my Korean, simply because the LingQ interface makes me WANT to read more Korean. I’ve been importing blogs and news articles, which would usually be super-difficult to read, but with LingQ are not hard to work through. In this way, I basically just Google / Naver whatever topic I’m interested in at the moment, and start reading about it in Korean. It allows you to jump immediately into interesting content, without needing to go through the “beginner phase” of plowing through textbooks.

Great to see another Korean learner on the site! Good luck with your studies.

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After 3 days i already have over 400 lingqs, the site really brings material that would be too much like hard work with a dictionary into my reach. For someone who has been frustrated trying to read with a dictionary that is a big plus.

Alex I’m actually mainly using the android app on my phone ( A Galaxy Note which is just big enough for reading ), tapping the highlighted words to get a quick definition makes reading a breeze. I really only import and ‘lingq’ on the pc as I spend 2 hours on the London tube commuting which is where most of the listening and reading happens.

Hi James, thanks for the good wishes, I’m going to use mainly TTMIK for content for now but some of the other stuff here looks worth a look too. After that Naver search will likely be my destination also. Good Luck!

At some point I need to figure out what to do to manage the lingqs, so far I’m just using them to help me read.

Welcome to the forum…

As fellow 외국인 married to a korean ( no children in my case) I can totally relate to the reasons as to why you want to learn korean =).

I’ve been a member under this username since 2010 however I was a member of lingq ( before 2010 under a different username) … I’ve always seen ALOT of potential in LingQ. I can’t exactly say I’ve had “success” in learning a language the lingq way…My korean is progressing very slowly… No Fault to Lingq though… Mostly my fault because of how much time i put into it and because I tend to study in binges and then stop and then start again. =(

I’m always happy to see lingq get updated! I highly recommend you start using the iLingq Iphone/Android app! Its very very useful!