Lingoda vs Babbel Live

Over the last nine months, in addition to LingQ and comprehensible input-based language acquisition, I’ve been doing online lessons with Lingoda in French and German. It was grammar initially that drove me to explore more traditionally structured lessons but since I’ve also appreciated the benefits of focused prep study for each class, conversation time, pronunciation feedback, and aspects of cultural formation.

Soon, I’ll be completing all that Lingoda has for French, wrapping up the B2-level class. This has made me wonder, what’s next?

I learned from an acquaintance that Babbel Live (not the core Babbel app per se but their adjacent live lessons offering) goes up to C1-level classes. Further, with an annual all-you-can-attend subscription, especially for both languages, it’s a substantially less expensive alternative than Lingoda.

Does anyone have impressions of having used Babbel Live? I’m especially interested in perspectives if you’ve also used Lingoda (or similar).