Ling-ing sometimes doesn't work?

To anybody that might have encountered the same problem,

Sometimes when I highlight a phrase, the blue Lingq button will turn active, but when I ‘Save’ the phrase, it will not save or stay highlighted. The words in the phrase I want to save have not been highlighted before, and the letter count is well under 100. I am not sure what the problem is. This is not the first time this has happened.

Any ideas ???

Hi Tim,
the problem is know - perhaps we can have one day a solution.
But - only the highlithing is missing, the phrase is saved and in the list.

is known - sorry

Thanks for the reply Irene,
I will just make do until it gets fixed. I save my wordlist in exel using a different format, so I can study them there too.

I hit a bug sometimes when I’m lingQing long texts. I can’t really describe it clearly, it just seems to stick on one lingQ and not be able to move onto creating the next one. Exit the lesson and open it again, your changes will have been saved and the problem cleared.

We are currently working on improving the LingQ widget and functionality. There are some issues that sometimes creep up with the existing widget but we are not going to be trying to identify and fix them. Hopefully, they will not be present anymore in our new version. Of course, the new version will probably have its own set of issues. :slight_smile: