Liking LingQ too much?

I came back to LingQ yesterday. Now I’m thinking how I would love to spend much time on learning languages here, and just a little elsewhere, daily. It’s just the resource I like the most. What do you think will be the result of it? What are your thoughts on this approach?

Perhaps I’m thinking too much. I’m thinking about how a lot of polyglots have their advice on language learning. BUT Steve Kaufmann has too, and LingQ is the system he created initially for himself and he uses it the most, and is quite successful in languages, too.

The learning (in general) which I like the most is learning on LingQ.

Well, that’s what many of us do: we try to use lingq daily or almost daily. So I think that’s a good idea. The result? You’ll learn a lot

I thought this would be about LingQ making your hands hurt. I’ve definitely had that problem.

Besides LingQ I dabble with other resources inconsistently, but always spend most of my time on LingQ, in any case.

As far as the “result”… It’s probably a very good result, but if you perceive that there’s something you want to be able to do but aren’t getting any better at it, I would suggest trying to align how you study with what you want to be able to do, so that these are as much the same thing as possible.

I think there is some danger in liking LingQ too much, in that if everything you do on LingQ is input, and that’s all you do in your target language(s), then there’s no output. So at a certain point (as Steve has always said), you need to speak and speak a lot. Of course, you can do this on LingQ too. But if you just read and don’t do anything else, then you’re not developing all your skills equally.

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