Lifetime membership Lingq

I wonder what happens if I choose Lifetime Lingq Membership (Login - LingQ)

I have paid my annual subscription in June, do I get half of my annual fee back?


No, Lifetime plan covers one language only and is sold per language. It’s different than Premium plan and won’t affect your Premium status, which will remain active until expiration date.


I will try to get this, for my next payment. Is this link general availability, for one any language?

@Lawrencen Yeah, here’s other link you can use to get Lifetime:

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Thanks !

@Zoran, please help me , I get this message of error ” all_

  • Lifetime premium purchase error: duplicate key value violates unique constraint “lingq_lifetimepremium_user_id_de7d26a3_uniq” DETAIL: Key (user_id, language_id)=(2067867, 1) already exists.” I checked, and I have 3 invoices. I hope to return 2 of them. Thanks
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I refunded 2 payments. English Lifetime is now active on your account.


Thanks. You are great !

Hi @ Zoran again. You refunded my wrong 2 payment, and I had to have a Lifetime Premium English account. Today at the old anniversary, I have another invoice for a one-year subscription. It is a mistake. Please refund it and operate my account with never the next payment. Thank you

@Lawrencen Ah, sorry, I thought that you have cancelled Premium on your end. I refunded it now.

@Zoran Just checking that now I have bought the Lifetime Subscription I will no longer be charged for the Premium plan in the future?

@anthonyo Yes, I checked your account and you did cancelled Premium successfully. Premium will expire on August 1st and after that you will remain on the Spanish Lifetime only.