Lifetime membership for four languages?

I have recently just heard of the lifetime membership for any language available on lingq and while I’m happy to do it, I just want to make sure I can do it for multiple languages. Ex-I don’t want to get it for just German if the membership then goes away and I’m left having to pay for the other languages as usual. I’m going to study conference interpreting when I start college, and plan to use Lingq in the process. I’m very willing to invest $800(200 per language, Sp/Ru/Fr/Ger) if possible.


No worries, you can buy as many Lifetime memberships as you want, for all available languages.

Awesome, thank you! :slight_smile:

As being discussed in this thread (Lifetime Memberships? - Language Forum @ LingQ), lifetime memberships are a great idea but not that economical if you’re studying a lot of languages. Would you consider offering a flat lifetime fee (e.g. $400) for unlimited languages, or a reduced fee (e.g. $100) for second and subsequent lifetime languages?


Sure, that would be better to just have all the languages unlocked but I see two qualms with that.

  1. These guys are running a business and if everyone just bought lifetime subscriptions, then eventually they would lose money, which is why I believe there will never be such an option to have all the languages unlocked even if the price is something like $1,000. Which even that, will in roughly ten years, will be used up and from there be a loss of income to the company in that amount of time. Now, I don’t know what they make and how much they plan to actually develop with lingq other than more basic content for younger existing languages and implementing new ones, etc. While with just a one language prescription, there still is possibility to make money in the future if the user wishes to learn another language whether through another lifetime subscription or a monthly trial. In short, how comfortable would you personally be receiving your annual income all at once versus it spaced over months?
  2. I think people should just stick to one language, and learn that language to a very high level before moving on to the next. You will learn the language much faster than if you jumped around 2-4 different languages without having a developed base in any of them. I used to do this a lot in the past and basically wasted almost a years worth in studying russian, german, and french just because I caught the language bug and became overwhelmed by so many options. Which is shown, people in general don’t do so well making decisions with a lot of options. which is why a lifetime subscription to just one language is just another of dedicating yourself to just one option. And in 1-5 years, if you want, just add another language. :slight_smile:
    Just my two cents