Lifetime Membership benefits

Currently using the Premium Month plan. And wish to switch to lifetime. So simply wanted to ask if Getting a lifetime access for a language comes with any benefit better than the Normal premium monthly? Or same stuff but for a lifetime? Because I see in some books on LingQ you need coins to open it. So wanted to ask if Getting lifetime access could give you that for free

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Where are you seeing the lifetime subscription option? I am getting to that point as well, where I am looking to take my Premium subscription to the next level.

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LingQ Lifetime Membership:

They don’t included it in the plan page (last time I checked). You have to Google it to find it, but it seems to be more of an oversight on their part.

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No, I have Lifetime Membership in Korean and you still have to earn/buy coins to purchase those lessons.

You get unlimited LingQs and Uploads (at least as far as I can tell on the latter benefit) for that particular language you purchase (for life).

If you plan to study one of two languages for years, I highly recommend the lifetime membership.

If you are more of a dabbler/studier in many languages premium (or another type of non-lifetime plan) may be more for you.

Lifetime memberships are purchased per language and only include lifetime access to that language.