Lifetime LingQ Subscription

I currently have an annual subscription through Apple subscriptions. It renews in 4 days. I would like to switch to lifetime LingQ in my target language but this isn’t an option through Apple. If I purchase this through the website and cancel the Apple renewal, will that work? I don’t want to lose my progress and uploads.

Hi @kindl,

You might have to email support to help you out:

Maybe they’ll recommend you buy the lifetime you want and then refund you the subscription you’ll have to cancel if it renews and charges you?

I’d maybe buy the lifetime, then cancel the Apple subscription (through the app store) after that, and maybe that’ll work without any issues? Rather than canceling your current subscription first?

Theoretically, LingQ should recognize that you have some subscription in the system and not force any lesson deletion — as long as your lifetime subscription is in that particular language you have been LingQing with.

I’m not 100% sure though.

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Thank you! I had the hardest time finding the support email but found it a few hours ago from an earlier posting of yours. So I have an inquiry out directly to support. If I don’t hear back for some reason I will try what you said. Still have a couple days!

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Awesome! Good luck!

I love my lifetime subscription, so I hope you hear back quickly from LingQ Support and that your lifetime plan/Apple subscription cancelation goes well. :slight_smile:

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I replied to your email and explained everything. :slight_smile: