Library's dead

Does anybody use the Library page? It displays nothing today independently which filters I use. Tried in some different languages.

Hi Ress
use also the filter on the right site! “roses, A-Z, new words…”


Not completely dead, but certainly moribund. What can be done to save it?

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click courses not lessons! (on the left)

Ein Gespenst geht um in LingQ.
It lives on nothing but scripts on the disks of the web server, and the site is moribund.

(I simply wanted use the mysterious word “moribund”. I wonder where the word comes from.)


Kennst Du das kleine Gespenst?

“Das kleine Gespenst” altes Kinderbuch :wink:

Das war eines meiner ersten BĂĽcher, welche ich als Kind selber gelesen habe.

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Yes, that’s strange happening with the library today. I can see only few lessons for choice.

Da haben Sie recht. I notice the same thing today.

Sorry, about that! It should be working properly now.