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It seems the libraries are shrinking away to nothing, at least the English and French ones - I haven’t checked other languages’ yet. Could you please, take a look?

I looked for my own lessons and couldn’t find them. Nor am I shown as a Provider. Something odd is going on.

Soory, meant to say I checked the English Library only.

This is a known issue and we are hoping to get to it shortly. It seems that the problem is that the library is currently limiting the amount of lessons that display in a search. In any case, thanks for reporting the bug :slight_smile:

Also note that the same issue was brought up here:

All lessons are in the library. It turns out that it significantly improves the speed of the Library search page and helps the overall site speed to only display the first 40 pages of results on the Library search page. We don’t think many people are going to search past the 40th page of results. All the lessons are searchable but we only display the first 1000. To see your new lessons, either sort by date added to library or use the filters to narrow down the search results.

If I search over all items in the library and search by date a lot of lessons are missing. It is by chance which lessons are shown. I guess the system take 1,000 lessons and sort this 1,000 lessons. I checked it for the German library. I use this sort to create a document with all the new lessons per a month. I have no idea how I can create this list in the future. Sort by date sorts only the result, and if there are not all lessons in the result it doesn’t work.

Apparently, the search is reprocessed every time the sort order is changed so there shouldn’t be missing lessons. The only thing is that new lessons are not indexed right away. The indexing only happens once a day at 1300 UTC. Could this be the issue you’re having? New lessons may take a day to show up in the Search results.

No Mark, I miss a lot of lessons that I added in September when I search by date.

If you choose yourself as the provider from the Library, do you see all your lessons? Can you give me an example of lesson that should be appearing and isn’t?

Hi Mark, I’ll want to have the complete list. I’m not the provider of all of my lessons. And I want to have Sanne’s, Reinhard’s, and other’s lessons too. You find a list of all the lessons from September here:
And for beginners here:
I created this lists before you changed the way how LingQ works.

By the way, after the change that you don’t show the percentage and number of new words any longer, the performance was OK in my mind.

Sorry to come back with that but The last two contents thatIi’ve just added don’t show up in the library. There aren’t even taken into account in the provider list.

@serge - Can you tell me the names of those lessons? There is an issue but we’re having trouble figuring out what it is.

Collection, “Le Grand Meaulnes” chapitre 16:Frantz de Galais et chapitre 17: La fête étrange (fin)

Hi Mark, I choosed “Vera I.” as provider and order by date and the result looks really strange:

Hi Mark, I did the same as Vera and ordered by date. The result looks definitely strange:

We are working on this. Thanks for the examples.

All the problems in the Library should now be fixed. Please take a look and let us know.

Thank to your team, you all did a great job!!!