I don’t understand the meaning of certain selections on the library page.

What are Imports? The lessons I see were not imported by me. What are they?

What is the meaning of “Taken”? Are those the lesson I used in the past?

You should only see lessons that you have imported in the Import view.If this is not the case then we have a bug.

“Taken” refers to lessons that you have already taken from the library. You may wish to see these, or to exclude them bu only looking at New lessons.

There appear to be some issues with the lists in the Library section that we will be looking into. Taken is lessons that you have taken from the Library.

hape - Can you send a screenshot of lessons that you didn’t import showing up in Imports? That might help us reproduce this one.

Imports is now empty, although I imported and shared nearly 100 FrenchPod lessons.

@u50632 - Is this still the case? I have no problem seeing my imports.

Today, Sept. 7, the situation is as follows:

checked Import (dark), Lessons, Shared:
Only one lesson FrenchPod A-069 is displayed (of nearly 100).

If I click then “View Course”, then 3 pages (all lessons) are displayed.

If this is the anticipated behavior, then there are no problems.