Library problem, not showing up new lessons

hi, yesterday we uploaded new content to the English library, 6 new lessons from the daily English show.

But it doesn’t appear in the “new lessons”, neither filtered by “New Zealand” accent, nor searching for the name of any of the new lessons.

It only appears if you browse the collection.

Is it because all those 6 new lessons has video on it? (the new feature stuff)


I think I am having a similar problem. I thought that in the past, whatever lessons I worked on most recently, would show in the five lessons found on the LESSONS link. At this point, those five don’t seem to change–that list of five always shows the same five lessons and does not let me know what I have done recently.

Am I right? Is this different now? Are others seeing the same problem?

On another note, the flashcard text to speech function is now operational injavascript:ask_tutor_button() Firefox. Thanks for making that happen!

@KnowItSome- Nothing has changed in the way the lessons are organized. It still works that way for me. Are you sure you haven’t changed the Sort By filter on the right side. It should be on Recently Opened.

Oh, and yes, the Text to speech is working in Firefox now. You’re welcome and sorry it was broken initially!

Seems to be working fine now. Thanks!