Library pages available to display

Hey guys I was wondering why the library only lets you view 20 pages of lessons? Im trying to calculate how much content there is for certain languages but it seems with the more popular languages, spanish, english, french the number of pages available to display caps out at 20.

@Corin_Wright - We’ve actually limited it to approximately 400 results. The reason is that the more results we fetch, the longer it takes and the more resource-intensive these more general searches become.

So i guess that means the more lessons one gets through the more new results will show up in the library for them?

I guess this is the reason why sometimes the result of the library search gives weird results…

@Corin: Select Beginner 1, than Beginner 2, than Intermediate 1 and so forth and add the results in these languages.

Thats a good idea, although for some of them there are still more than 20 pages to display for each individual level aswell :stuck_out_tongue: