Library: My picks

I have problems with this functionality.

Editing in French was a bit tricky because the mouse cursor didn’t let me chose a category. I used the keyboard to choose a category then. I had no problem with German and English.

The main problem is that the selection doesn’t work. I chose one category (for example travel). Then the “My level” shelve is shown. If I switch to “My Picks” I saw the same lesson a lot of times!

I think a lot of people don’t understand what they could do there. The functionality is nice but not obvious.

And I admit that I miss the category as a choice on the main page of the library. For me this is more interesting than the provider, but this is my personal point of view.

That’s strange. It seems to work ok for me. It does show lessons from any category you choose, any type, any level and any accent. Perhaps the results should be filtered by each additional level of filter but that would often lead to no results. We will work to improve this screen over time but for me it is working now.