Library: Missing new lessons

I wonder why the new lessons of sprachenfreak are not shown on the “New lessons” shelve in the English library.

He translated “Vera’s diary for beginners” into English. I see the lessons when I explore the whole library, and sort the library by Date. Please, take a look.

In the German library I have the problem that the newest lessons are not shown on the first page of the new lessons. It works in French. I think it is a bit strange.

Also I experienced in the German library when I chose “Explore the whole library” with sort by Date created, that there are some lessons missing! I figured this out because I made a list of the new German lessons for my students, and I missed for example a lesson of “Veras Tagebuch”. Last month I missed 3 or 4 lessons with this view. When I opened the collection I found them.

They are there but the results in all shelves default to show lessons at your target level first. Then, lessons from other levels are shown. If you click “next” and look through the remaining New Lessons you should find these lessons.

Regarding the sort by date feature, keep in mind that the date the lessons were created is the date used to sort by. This date is not necessarily the same date that on which the lessons were published.

I used “next”. The lessons are not shown. There are a lot of lessons, but only 2 of the new ones.

I know the date I create the lessons and they are missing. The lessons have numbers. So I could see it easily.

If you change your level to No Knowledge, you will see these lessons. The issue is that you can only see 60 lessons in the New Lessons shelf and more than 60 new lessons to display. The New Lessons shown are weighted in favour of levels you are likely to be studying.

Regarding the date thing, please give me specific examples of what you are doing. Which lessons exactly should be there and aren’t?

I noticed it for example for “Veras Tagebuch, VT #034, Schwarzwald, 5. Tag”. This lesson is not on the overview. Lesson “Veras Tagebuch, VT #033, Schwarzwald, 4. Tag” of the same lesson is on page 1 and 2. Both lessons were imported at September, 18. The Link to the lesson 033 is Login - LingQ. The Link to the missing lesson is Login - LingQ. On the collection all things are ok.

I had this problem with two other lessons but I couldn’t find the piece of paper with my notice about that.

I see that now. We’ll look into it. It’s very strange.