Library contents unavailable?

Hi team, not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but it appears the library contents are mostly unavailable, for all languages. Selecting “Library” only displays a maximum of ten items on a single page, for some languages nothing at all. A few days ago this wasn’t a problem - French, Chinese, Korean etc. have a lot of content and can display more than ten pages.

I have changed the Level settings, alternated between Course and Lessons, and logged out and back in.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Chris,
Sorry about that. We are already familiar with this issue and it should be fixed within next few hours.
Thanks for your patience!

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Hi Zoran,

Not a problem! Was just wondering if I’d inadvertently botched something.

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It’s fixed now. Thanks again for letting us know about the issue Chris!

No worries, thanks for getting it sorted. :slight_smile: Out of curiosity, what caused the items to disappear?

The issue was related to the update of Sphinx. Luckily developers were able to fix it fast. :slight_smile: