Library Bug? Tutoring Bug?

I am new to LingQ and wondering whether I am experiencing a bug, not using the tool properly, or perhaps I am looking for something that does not exist…

Library: My view of the library seems limited. Are there really only 20 or fewer books imported for Danish?

Importing: When trying to import an mp3 hosted on the web (Librevox), it accepts the url (e.g., ) and I an play it in the lesson-creation page, but it gives an error when I push the “generate transcript” button. On the other hand, if I download the mp3 from that site and then upload it to LingQ, LingQ will generate the transcript. I suspect this is a bug because LingQ obtained the audio in both scenarios, and LingQ works to make importing as seamless as possible.

Tutors: When I go to the tutoring page, I cannot see any tutors listed in any language. How does one see a listing of tutors?

There are actually not that many books, i.e. stories and novels in Danish, at least not in the public domain, which is of course due to copywriting.
With the Librevox mp3 you mentioned here, you have chosen something quite challenging. I estimate the level to be B1-B2. Is that what you wanted?

Thanks for your reply. Regarding the LibriVox mp3 - Maybe it’s not exactly my level but it interested me so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m just surprised that all of the LibriVox recordings (and more) are not already in the community library – the human readers are great and the books are classic. This is what made me suspect that I had a setting wrong somehow in my account. I appreciate your reply that there are not a lot of books in Danish yet.

I had been confused as to why I did not see tutors listed. I logged on this morning from a new device and saw that tutors were listed. Then I did some stuff and went back to the Tutors page and there were no tutors listed… I deleted my cookies – still no tutors.

The problem was that there are no tutors for Danish. I DO see tutors for other languages. Without realizing it, I opened LingQ in Spanish this morning, a language with many tutors. Ah… It would have been less confusing if the message were “There are currently no LingQ tutors for your currently selected language (Danish), but we have tutors for other languages…”

Anyway, I’m happy that my problem was due to my misunderstanding of the software!