Library and taking "difficult" courses with higher level than you are

I am at beginner 1 level in Italian so I’ve been taking only courses and lessons for beginners so far.
I see there’s an interesting course called “Le avventure di Pinocchio by C. Collodi” but it’s intermediate 1 level…
My question is, should I take it?

Actually I know I will :stuck_out_tongue:
I am just interested what’s your opinion on taking courses which are at higher level than you currently are.


I’ve just taken some chapters. But they are too difficult for me yet.

Hello, Yes , if you are interested in this book you should try to read a few chapters, even if you don’t understand hundred percent yet. It’s more pleasant and challenging.

Do you mean “Le avventure di Pinocchio by C. Collodi” in Italian? You’ve got almost 12 000 ‘known words’ in Italian, so if you say it’s too difficult for you, then I am terrified of taking this course having just over 300 ‘known words’ haha.

My advice is go for and don’t be afraid about nothing:) You don’t have to understand all of context. If you want to get higher level in your target language you must to mix more advance level with some easy lessons:)

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This is definitely the right thing to do! Second book in Spanish I read was definitely too advanced for me and I’m sure I missed a lot of detail but I loved it, and it felt great. It stretches you, pushes you forward and gives you a real sense of achievement. Also if you return to it later you’ll really notice how much you’ve progressed by how easy it is the second time around. Of course if you find it too hard going it doesn’t matter, because you’ll get there eventually. With the right attitude you’ve got nothing to lose.

I’ve noticed that a lot of language teachers encourage a gradual “don’t run before you can walk” approach where you are always presented with material that you are (technically) able to understand with your current vocabulary and understanding of grammar. This makes sense, but sometimes I want a real challenge. Working on a difficult text in LingQ sometimes feels less like language learning and more like code-breaking or working on a cryptic crossword.

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I think that Karat’s advice is the most reasonable: you have to mix some difficult texts (if you are really interested in the topic) and some easy lessons.
And I support the Spcole’s advice: you needn’t to understand every word, 80-90% is quite enough to improve your level.

I find that I tend to lose motivation with more difficult texts…the contextual vocabulary is much more difficult, and I seem to need a lot more review in order to understand. With lessons that are closer to my level of ability, I feel more inspired, feel that I am learning more fluidly,and therefore feel more motivated to do the homework.

I like to follow my curiosity, too, but in this language forum, I find that I learn more when I stay at my level. But, good for you–I know you will do what you want to do, just as I do!

Good luck.