Library and lessons: Speed slows down

I got the impression that in the last three days there is a tremendous slowing down. Especially I experienced this when I open the library or a lesson.

I haven’t noticed that but we will always continue monitoring the site speed. Is anyone else noticing a drop in site speed?

I also have noticed this problem. It needs a very long time to open the library or lesson site.

Mark, I noticed that on two different computer systems with different internet connections. I think it is not a problem of my computer or my connection.

I’ve encountered this problem too. It takes much longer to reach the library page.

How long have you noticed this slowness? Is it a recent phenomenon?

Let’s say… three or four days…

Yesterday the system was very slow when I tried to post a message on the wall. I clicked the button “post” - my message escaped. I waited. Still nothing posted. I retyped the message and clicked “post” again. After a short delay, I found both of my messages posted.

A day before yesterday (or also yesterday? ) I decided to upgrade my account. I tried two or three times and, after spending some time on it, I changed my mind.