Levels on LingQ

I just noticed that my progress snapshot now tells me that I am at level 6 is French. What does this mean?

Can the levels still be changed manually?

There has been a lively discussion on this subject on at least two other threads.

We would like to show learners what their level is at LingQ, based on their activities at LingQ, in other words their known words total. Some people felt that since the known words total did not really represent their overall competence level, they did not like to be shown as, say, advanced, when they feel that they are only Intermediate. We are looking at a number of possible solutions to this., Once is to show a LingQ level, which we could call Beginner 1 or 2, Intermediate 1 or 2, Advanced 1 or 2, or which we could just call LingQ Level 1 to 6.

We have no way of measuring the actual level of people. That is something that people can decide on however they want, and describe however they want, in their profile for example.

However, the key targets on our site are related to the word statistics. The avatar is related to the word statistics. It is my belief that word power is the key to language success, and represents our potential. That is what LingQ does, build up your language potential, through increasing your word power through lots of listening and reading.

In my case, I am advanced or level 6 in terms of word power and in terms of potential for Russian. But I am a low intermediate speaker. That tells me that I should speak more. If I were to attend a Russian class, I would enroll in the Advanced course, not the beginner or intermediate, so in that case I am an advanced learner, although not an advanced speaker. That is what we want to keep track of.

So the question really is, what is the purpose of choosing your level manually?

I see your point(s).

I guess the only reason would be if one felt one’s level as a learner were not as high as the indicator suggests, but in either case it’s not really that important.

Thanks for clarifying.

Peter, after watching your contest video, I think your French level is indeed very high - as indicated by LingQ :slight_smile: