Level reduction due to inactivity

Hi there! I’d like to know how many days of inactivity can cause a level reduction. I’ve just learned that I have been downgraded from level 4 to 3 due to my lack of activity over the last week.

In what language did you drop a level? Your level is based on a number of known words you have, so your level shouldn’t drop.

Hi @CrisRo the Activity score measures your coins earned in the language in the last 30 days, when activity level changes (levels can be seen here with its coins values Activity Score - 30 Days Coins Earned), there is a notification that informs you of the change (whether promoted or demoted)

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Hi Zoran. In French.

Thanks LingQlearner, but I still don’t get how it works. How can I see what my activity score is? What is the correspondence between the proficiency levels (1 to 6) and the activity scores?