Level of shared lessons

As some of you may already know, I am sharing the audiobook of the famous Italian novel “Cuore” (“Heart”). I have already added several lessons but now I have a concern about the level: I used to set the “Advanced 1” level for all the lessons, but then I had a chat with Harry (08nessh) who suggested I’d choose the “Auto” level. I tried doing so and now some lessons are “Intermediate 2”, many are still “Advanced 1” and a few are even “Advanced 2” (but in one case I moved it down to Advanced 1).
My question is: is it better to have each lesson at its own level or to set a uniform level for all the lessons, since they are part of a unique text, in this case a whole novel?

Michele, thanks for sharing this content and I will be on it later. You know I am going to be in Italy in November.

I think it is better for the provider to choose the level, and not to rely on the automatic level finder which can be erratic. I think it is best to have all of the lessons from similar content at the same level.

Thanks for your advice, Steve! I think I will set all the lessons back to Advanced 1 (or maybe are they ok for the Intermediate 2 level too? I don’t know).
It’s great to hear you’ll be in Italy in November, but unfortunately I won’t be here. I’m leaving for a work experience at the Italian embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 9 September and will come back home in December.
Maybe you could add Bulgaria to your trip! :wink:

You should always choose the level on your own. The automatic calculation can you give an idea about the difficulty of the text. The calculation is based on the percentage of the most common words in your text. If a text contains a lot of numbers and names, the system suggest a higher level. And the automatic calculation don’t know about the rate of speech of the audio that influence the difficulty too.

Danke, Vera!