Level 4 Mini Stories

Will there be level 4 mini stories?

For now we are staying on 60 Mini Stories per language and we are focusing to finish and complete all languages. Plus I started merging all stories into one course, so from now on they won’t be splitted into 3 levels, there will be one unique “LingQ Mini Stories” course in each language.

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For what it is worth I think merging all levels into one is a good decision.

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thanks For the quick reply! yeah will probably be better to group it all into one course.
hope you will add some more in the future though, I need some more listening and reading! Haha.

the mini stories have been a great resource for me so thank you for getting them done!

Which language(s)?

I’m learning Italian. It’s the first Language I have tried to learn. the mini stories have been invaluable!
I love the Whole app, it’s such a great resource for me, I’ve uploaded podcasts, children’s books and even assimil on my account. Its given me so much more motivation to keep going with my goal. Thanks Steve for All the advice you give on your YouTube videos too.

I have also found the mini-stories invaluable for getting into a language. How do you import the Assimil? Where did you get the digital texts?

it’s quite long winded process but worth it. I had to buy the Ebook. Then copy and paste all The spoken text from the book into the lesson. But you need to edit out the mistakes and logos. some appear. I think to stop people infringing copyright.
i did this from lesson 1-7, 8-14 etc…With the audio I used audacity (free to download) to put lessons 1-7 together so I could upload it in one track for LingQ.
once it’s all done though it’s great because you can always easily go over it and over it when you feel like.