Letters from my cottage in England

I have decided to write a little letter each week. This week’s one contains a lot of facts, even if they are hidden among some little lies.

The collection can be found here:

and the latest episode is here:

(Removed broken link - thank you Yutaka for the bit.ly bit!)

(I just tested the link, I am pleased to say that I got it right this time.)

I shortened the URL.

Thank you! (I thought I got it right - I really am quite hopeless with things of a technical nature…)

Actually, I have written a bit more than just one letter a week. The collection has grown again. Here is the link again. I do hope you enjoy my ramblings.

Please excuse me for trying once more to post this (it got stuck somewhere yesterday). I have now taken out two links in the description. These pointed to the French and German versions in the respective libraries. If this thread now shows, we can perhaps say that full Urls should not be included in the collection description box (there may have been other reasons for the ‘no-show’ of this thread).

If this thread doesn’t show, I have no idea what else might cause the hiccup, but shan’t replace the Urls for the time being.

It seems to have worked. Yippeee!