Let's get Korean on here!


I would love to see a Korean slot on LingQ.

I have many Korean friends who would use LingQ if the Korean slot was available. They are more than happy to be tutors and write/translate material, especially with the point-reward incentive.

I also noticed there are others calling out for Korean to be added. I think the demand is there and if it were added there would instantly be a large number of people using it (I have personally recommended LingQ to 20 or so people who want to learn Korean).

I know that adding Korean may not be a priority for the guys working hard at LingQ, but I just feel that there is a demand now so why not just go for it? If it is left too long I fear some of these people who want it may have gone elsewhere to learn.

Please, please look into it. I know many Koreans and non-Koreans who would make use of it.



I second that. I keep running into Koreans who really need help with English and I’m starting to feel bad that I don’t speak any Korean . I’ve run into two or three in the last week.

korean is one of the languages that i have wanted to learn… actually i am searching for a source nowadays, which can meet my expectations … i wish lingq had korean language section .

We would like to add Korean too. Some day we will. Please be patient.

Ok, I look forward to that day!