Let's get in and out of here

A: OK, Let’s get in and out of here. I hate shopping.
B: Well, we have to do it. Come on. This store is great, and it’s not very expensive. The first thing we need is something else to sit on. Hey, how about this one?
Q: I usually hear the phrase like “let’s get out of here”. But here, “let’s get in and out of here”, do you say that?
Thank you!

The reason why person A says ‘in and out of here’ is to emphasize the nuance/meaning that after they enter the store he wants to leave immediately. He doesn’t want to be in the store and wants the other guy to hurry up.

With ‘let’s get out of here,’ it’s like they’re already in the store and he really wants to leave immediately.

So essentially the same meaning and both are used/correct.