Let's create some more Courses and help our LingQ Community

You may have noticed that it is now possible to create Courses. We believe that Courses can help our members find content that will help them in our Library. These Courses are featured in a Courses shelf in the Library. We need your help to create more Courses.

If you are a content provider and would like to make it easier for learners to find the wonderful lessons you have created, just put them together in Courses.

If you are a tutor and want to guide your learners, create some Courses for them.

If you are a learner and find that certain lessons are really helpful for you, why not put them into a Course.

You need not be the provider of the Lesson to create a course.

Courses can be built around any common them, Beginner Courses, Grammar Courses, Business Language Courses, or Cooking Courses, or whatever you can think of.

Creating courses sounds like a great idea!!
Now I can simply recommend “LingQ 101 - Beginner Course” when I first introduce LingQ to my friends. :slight_smile:

I’ll make some for Japanese and English contents when I have time. (Or maybe it’s better and faster to ask nobuo-san to do that…)

Courses are very useful. Nice work.

I have just created Intermediate Course which is very interesting.

Great! One thing to be aware of is that the Level finder that works for lessons does not work for courses. It is a good idea to put the level in the title of the Lesson to make it easier for the learner to find a lesson at his or her level. Please keep the lessons coming.

If you create a lesson, please tell us about it here, and tell us for which language as well if possible. Thanks.

When I try to put a link down in the courses page I get an error message saying “Must be a valid English lesson page” and yes I’m in the English slot…

Which link are you trying to enter? The link has to be the one from the Collection page or from the Library, and it should end with something like: “/…/…/store/23894/26006/buy/”

The link from the Lesson page will not work, as this is the link to your individual copy of the lesson.