Let's chat

Some people asked for a chat room. Now here it is!

I present the English LingQ chat room opened for everyone.

It’s a nice day in Germany. There are some clouds, but the sky is blue, and sometimes the sun is shining. I think, spring is coming. Now I will check my mails, and learn my vocabulary.

You had a good idea again! No work for for the programmer :slight_smile:

Yes, you know, I’m a programmer and an organizer. So it is my job to find solutions without having extra costs :wink:

Here in Vancouver it is cloudy and raining. But for a few hours when the sun peeks though, it is very pleasant and spring-like.

Anybody reading any good books or websites lately. In any language?

I love reading a discussion site called trees and things: www.treesandthings.com It has an American focus but many of the issues discussed there are international and there are many people who comment regularly and become like virtual friends. The issues discussed vary from politics to medicine, technology, etc. It is interesting if you are the type who likes to read and discuss the newspapers everyday.

I am also getting into a French translation of The Two Solitudes. It is a Canadian novel about the relationship between the French and English in Canada. I read it in English many years ago and I just picked up a French copy.

Great idea Vera. I hope more English learners use this as a place to communicate in English. They can easily submit what they write for correction, too. When, one day, we enable members to easily record themselves, we might turn this all into learning content.

I am reading a history of the 30 years war (1618-1648) by C.V. Chippendale

Ever since my visit to Germany I have been interested in German history. The death and destruction wrought in the name of ambition, religion, and intrigue, is just amazing.

How should I find the time, to do this too :wink:

It’s interesting to hear, what other people are reading. Yesterday, I started to read a book from Minette Walters. I read it in German because I like more to hear English than to read it and I want to improve my listening abilities. But I read a children book in English too. It is for students and between the chapters there are some lessons. So it is a nice addition to the learning at LingQ.

Hi Steve, if you interested in movies about German history too, I recommend you the movie “Luther” with Joseph Fiennes. It is about the live of Martin Luther and the reformation. A very good movie!

Hi all,
what nice idea with the chatroom here, thanks Vera!
I hope Mark will not have problems with disk space :slight_smile:

Vera is speaking from springtime. Yes we had it on the weekend too but now the days are grey again. My mother in law said “the weather from the US will come soon to Germany”. When I see what weather they have in some parts with cold and snow, than we can assume that pringtime is not yet as near as we want to.

It was raining in Magnitogorsk on Monday! It is unbelievable. Rain in winter! I understood, that spring would not come so early, but I was happy to feel the its breath :slight_smile: Later all this water was froze up and on Tuesday situation on the road was not very enjoyable :frowning: But anyway we had the first day of spring! :slight_smile: This year we had the first snow in the middle of September (but the second was in December), now I am so bored with the cold and I hope spring will come soon…

“the its breath” Ha-ha! Usually I miss articles, but now I put an extra one :slight_smile:

Hi Rasana, I think exactly this weather helpf to get a cold - I have one too. One day spring and the nex winter, the different is to high.
In Germany we have similar situations, very early snow. But I remember another year where we had not springtime but summer in April! After that, in the really summertime, it was too cold.

Today the weather was very nice, like yesterday.
I feel good. I listened more than an hour to English and French, I studied an assignment, I reviewed the LingQ of the day email, and I talked to my tutor.
Not to forget, that I did all this after my job.
I think, I really earn the pizza that I now prepare for my family :slight_smile:

Vera, you definitely earn the pizza! :slight_smile:
For me this day was great also. Today I mostly speak Japanese during the lesson with Emma :slight_smile: Today, for the first time I did not switch to English (well, there were some Russian interjections, but I am going to learn “How to mumble in Japanese” lesson and use Japanese expressions next time)
P.S. But I again have cought a cold. It is too warm for winter now, but radiators are hot, so we have to open wide windows… Perhaps, I sat in a draught and did not notice it. But I think I will be better tomorrow :slight_smile:

Irene, we also have unpredictable weather last years… Usually we have rather cold winters and hot summers, but last summers were cold, but winters were relatively warm :frowning: I hope our usual weather will return

Hi Cakypa, it seems that you like to talk in another language. Me too! I always enjoy talking with my tutor.
I can remember, when I did my first conversation in English, I thought 15 minutes are a long time. Now 30 minutes seems to be to short :slight_smile:
I hesitated a long time before I did my first conversation. I couldn’t imagine how fast I would improve. I like listening too, but talking is the greatest thing for me.

Weather in Vancouver has been above average lately. It always is on the verge of raining but then the sun peeks through the clouds. Temperatures are nice for this time of year too. About 7-10 degrees.

I am workinig for a time now in a computer lab in a language school. I am mostly just keeping the computers, which constantly break down (I won’t mention the brand but it rhymes with a very nasty place), running. I have been disassembling broken ones and using the spare parts to make a few working ones. There is a word for this process in English but it escapes me… cannibalisation?

It has been really hot in Brazil these days. I’m talking about 35-40 degrees, guys… I feel like melting the entire day, except for the few minutes after a cold shower, which happens 2 or three times a day. At least if one wants to keep his or her sanity… By the way, I rarely use air-conditioning, since I’m allergic to it, as well as my two kids.
I’m reading an interesting book called “The lady tasting tea”. It’s not a novel, but tells the story of how statistics changed the science thought in the twentieth century. Sounds like a little geeky, but it is pretty cool indeed. And the best thing is, this is the first book in English I’m really able read on the bed, without a dictionary around!!
Vera, you are great!

Statiistics, eh? There is a famous saying in English by the humourist author Mark Twain. It goes something like this: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Actually I googled the phrase and I see the person who first said it was Benjamin Disraeli, a prime minister of England in the Victorian era.

On the other hand I might be correct and we can update that phrase to “lies, damned, lies, statistics, and wikipedia…”

But actually that book sounds interesting. I like reading about mathematical concepts too although I am not a mathematician by any stretch of the imagination! I think I could have been one though if I had made that decision when I was younger.

is tehere always tutors here???