Let me introduce myself

Hi my name is Jaiden how are you guys


Guys how are you and who are you ?

We are the champions!


Hi S.

Hi Thebg.
What language are you gonna learn on here?

I am going to learn French and English

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And you

I’m learning English, but for now I’m mostly doing it outside of LingQ. Just reaing books, watching YouTube etc.
What’s your mother tongue? I thought you’re French because of the flag under your userpic.

Oh I got to go buy :blush::blush: see you tomorrow

I will respond at you question tomorrow

In fact I was born in Paris and from my youngest age I started to speak English

My mother speaks lean goals French and douala a language in Cameron

Good for her :slight_smile:
“Mother tongue” actually means the same as “native language”. But I’ve understood you.
I wish you all the best with learning! LingQ is a good “reader” app, so you can read something interesting to you and learn at the same time.


Good morning S.I. Yesterday I forgot to tell you that this conversation makes me feel better. And what do you watch on youtube

Good morning!
That’s great, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

I like everything about technologies, also it’s interviews like the ones on the Lex Fridman’s channel, and channels about conversational English like this one:

Once in awhile, I enjoy cartoons like “Phineas and Ferb”.

Oh okay I’m more into video games

S.I. were are you pls respond :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: