How many lessons would you recommend per day? Also, how many words do you recommend learning per day? I’m new here so everything is new to me. Last night I got carried away and ended up creating around 300 lingqs. It was quite addictive :slight_smile:

Also, when you are reading, do you read the sentence in the target language, make the lingqs and then translate? I just seem to be translating automatically without reading the word in spanish.

@gizmo2012 - There are no limits on what you should do! The more you LingQ the better. Do whatever makes you happy. Sometimes you can go through lessons more quickly and other times spend more time on individual lessons. As a beginner, you generally spend more time on each lesson but it’s up to you. You certainly don’t have to nail all words and phrases down before moving on.

I tend to read the text through making LingQs as I go. You can do things however you like. You will eventually settle on a way that works for you. What’s important is that you are spending the time with the language. Make sure to also download the audio and listen a lot.

I am mostly motivated to get through the content, more or less understanding it at first (as a beginner) and therefore listening many times. Later on I understand most of it and it is the pure enjoyment of reading and listening to things that I like. I know that the more I read and listen the more I will learn, the more yellow highlighted words I will see in my reading etc. I will also have a chance to review my saved words, in flash cards, or now in the cloze test. i have often created many hundred LingQs at one sitting. You are on the right path!!