Lessons wont load

Android app on Samsung tablet. I don’t just mean the audio doesn’t load. The text wont load when there is an active internet connection. Sometimes I can get around the issue if I have loaded the lesson previously by disconnecting from the internet. The text then loads (maybe from cache?) and then I can reconnect once I am in to access dictionaries etc.

Very frustrating considering this is a paid service. This isn’t a one off either.

Sorry to hear that! Can you please try to re-install the app, then also please delete app’s cache and date under the device settings and give it another try. That should fix the problem.


Resintalled the app and cleared the cache. It’s even worse now as can’t log in with my google account Video shows what happens. I’ve reinstalled several times.

@swakefield Can you please contact me on support(at)lingq.com? I will need some additional details from you which I prefer for private conversation. Thanks!

Hi, the lessons are still taking a long time to load and often I have to disconnect from the internet so that they load from the cache instead. I think this is an app problem, and not my account.