Lessons without audio

I’m an noticing an increasing number of lessons that once had audio, and now, do not. I am wondering if others have noticed this…and if anyone at lingq, in the wise can enlighten us on why this is happening.

This can happen, when the audio is added with an URL and the original URL has changed, or the original source doesn’t exist any longer. You should name the lessons. Than can be checked what has happened.

@umzer As @Vera wrote it happens when audio url is no longer active. When you notice a lesson without the audio, you can send us link to support(at)lingq.com and I’ll try to find and replace it.

It’s probably best for uploaders to download an mp3 version of the audio, if possible, and attach it to the lesson. I guess that would lessen any chance of it ever being deleted or removed.

I for myself usually do it that way, but some providers gave only permission to share the URL and the text. So you have to be aware of this.