Lessons with Translations - search function

How can I search for lessons which contain translations. The french database is huge, but it seems that most of the lessons don’t have translations. Is there a specific search function or filter function?

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@easydialect - If you go to the Library, you will see a link in the left sidebar under the filters which says, “Show more filters”. Click this and scroll down and you will find a filter to select to see all lessons containing translations.


Hi there,

I have opened a lesson which is meant to have a translation, i selected the lesson by using more filters as Mark said and then opedned a lesson, but I cant see the lesson translation, can anybody tell me where the translation is or how I open it thanks? I know there is probably an easy solution to this!!

by the way, I never knew about being able to select lessons with translations, thanks, this is great for how what I do qwith my learning Thanks

@Tuqueiro - You should be able to see the translation when you click on the Study Resources button in the dashboard.