Lessons still not opening

I am not seeing people complaining about lessons not opening anymore. Only me now?

I see now that it is only the lessons that i create that can not be opened. The ones offered by linqg function normally.

Other thing interesting is that if i create a lesson with a list of words with one word per line, then it opens. But it doesn’t solve the problem.

I am still having issues with the functionality of turning pages, words registering, and lessons being unavailable. I just started using this app again and now I cannot use it because it is so buggy.


Strange, do you still have the same issue? It should be fixed for everyone. Try clearing cache and give it another try.

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clearing the cache doesn’t work. Still the massage:

JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 3 column 1 of the JSON data


Unexpected token ‘<’, " <h"… is not valid JSON

in google chrome newly installed just to test does not work too:
Unexpected token ‘<’, " <h"… is not valid JSON

Can you please provide a link to some of lessons you are unable to load? Thanks.

now they are oppening without any problem

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