Lesson's statistic dissappears when I'm trying to hover on it

I’m trying to increase a number of listening for my lessons, but I can’t do it. Pop-up menu dissapears as soon as I remove mouse pointer from the four green buttons.

My browser is Internet Explorer 8.0.

Well, I’ve tried the same in 3 different browsers- it works. I think it’s a local or temporary problem.

I have the same problem for 2 days, Firefox 3.5.7

Internet Explorer 7: When I open a lesson the window for the counter is shown for a few seconds. In the moment when the text of the lesson is shown the counter disappears and there is no window for the counter on the lesson page.

In Firefox 3.0.17 there is a Symbol but nothing happens when I move the cursor over the symbol.

We’ll be uploading some changes later today. Please wait until these changes are uploaded and see if your issues are resolved. Do make sure to refresh your browser a few times to clear your cache. I will let you know when the changes are posted.

The issue with the popup disappearing should be resolved now. We have also added up to “50 times” in the dropdowns. Make sure to refresh a few times. Let us know how it goes.