Lessons page


After you’ve “taken” all the lessons from one group of lessons, how do you access that first page again to “take” newly added lessons from the same group?

I don’t know the best way I can explain this.

So for example, I believe Vera continues to add new lessons to her lesson series called “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!” right? If at one point in time I “took” or added all the lessons, then she later added newer ones, how do I go back to the first general lesson page with the list of all the lessons to “take” the new lessons?

How can I access the first lessons overview page again?

I’ve tried getting to that page but don’t know how…

You should be able to find it in the Library. Try the search function. We are going to make the Library a little more user friendly so hang in there Ian.

Thanks Steve.

I noticed today that the main home page layout/design has been changed!

The new look is awesome!