Lessons loading forever

I was just reading a lesson. Went onto the second lesson in the series and the beta version suddenly had a panel on the right saying ‘Hola!’ and something about key buttons, but the lesson itself is just greyed out and loading forever.

Nothing happens.

Rest of the site is fine, and multiple browsers are all doing the same thing. Cache etc all good.

Lessons now working (one in particular won’t open still for whatever reason) but now the shortcut buttons aren’t working, and clicking on LingQ’s will not always open the definition up in the right hand panel in beta. Clicking in the empty space under phrases won’t bring them up ever.

Buggy as hell.

Just to be clear, none of these errors happen in Classic mode.

Now my lessons, if previously read but not completed, will now only show the text from the page they were left at no matter what page i click on.

Sometimes it won’t let me make a phrase if the phrase spans more than one line.

I’ve not had a response yet which is pretty poor to be honest.

I don’t mean to be rude but how much do you pay your developers? The classic mode has always been buggy and the beta is even worse. Surely after a decade of running pretty much the same software these basic, school-boy errors would have been fixed by a competent team by now?

Hi Platyphylla,
Would you please give us permission to access your account and check what could be wrong? If you agree, please contact us on support(at)lingq.com for more informations. Thanks!

I agree. Do i have to send you and email from my official email account before you can do it?

Yes, please. You will need to email us with your login informations.