Lessons in course with API

How do I get a list of lessons in a course with API?

I want to automate preparation of a podcast feed from the lessons in course so that I can easily import them into my player.

Or maybe there is already a convenient way to bulk upload lingq audio files to iPhone I don’t know about?

LingQ app doesn’t work for me - it is very unstable. It will frequently log me out and I loose all my playlists. An it doesn’t work offline even for just playing previously downloaded audio.

Appreciate any help. Don’t want to resort to page parsing:(

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Hi! The API method for importing lessons can be found here: http://www.lingq.com/apidocs/api.html#post-https---www.lingq.com-api-languages-language-lessons-

We’re working on fixing the issue with playlists, and a fix should be included in the next update!

Hi. Not really helping - I need to export lessons in course to my player for offline listening while doing stuff. Easily. Downloading one by one is awful. Guess, I’ll have to figure some script out to help me.

You are able to subscribe to the RSS feed for a course. If you subscribe in iTunes, it will download all episoded automatically. Just click the dropdown beside the Take All button to find the RSS feed.

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Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for.

Maybe you could make it a little bit more obvious - that might help people to discover that feature. Embedding lessons text into ID3 tags would also help a lot.
I just knew that obvious feature should exist:)

Yes, it would be nice to make this more obvious but at the same time, we have to try and keep the interface uncluttered. Because actually not many people use this feature we ended up moving it to where it is now. We do always try to figure out how to display things better so we will hopefully come up with another way of making people aware of this option in the future. As for ID3 tags, It would be nice to have our texts available in this way, but it’s actually something that we are not going to be able to do due to the scope of our library and the range of lesson providers. Keep the suggestions coming! We will try to do what we can.

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