Lessons go missing

I have added new lessons to two courses lately. These courses contain numerous lessons. However only the lessons added in the last month show up in the course list. All lessons are visible when I edit the course however.

I see a similar problem was reported here a few weeks ago. My experience is the same as the one reported then, Is there a solution?

Can you please send a course URL to support(at)lingq.com? Thanks!

I emailed them.

I see that one of my courses has all of its lessons showing now. Good!

But the second one seems to have “lost” even more lessons.

And now I see that a third course has “lost” lessons!

And now I see something else. Some of these “disappearing” lessons are posted individually in playlists. They have also disappeared from the shelf where they should be showing up. I can still see them in the playlist LIST but not on the shelf that includes that playlist.

So…I couldn’t wait for LingQ support to fix this problem. I found out that if I remove the lessons from the course and put them back in again, they show up as they should. This is good.

However, I have just spent an hour and ten minutes arranging these lessons…a job I thought I had taken care of three weeks ago. I could have spent this time preparing new lessons for my students. Not so good.

Hopefully this course stays fixed.

Thanks @Jingle, and sorry about that. We are looking into the issue.

Thanks for the response, Zoran.

Have had similar issue in the past.

  • Go to edit course, tick box at top of lesson list which adds ticks to all/every lesson iin the list, then from drop down box change level to another level (up or down, ie Beginner 1 to Beginner 2 or vice versa), then change level back to original level, and then return to course view and check if this ‘workaround’ is effective for you in returning all lessons back into view for you?
    Hope this helps for now.
    Br, Frank

It worked. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much, FrankG.

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I have to thank you again, FrankG. This afternoon a student alerted me to the fact that half the lessons in a course he was studying had disappeared. Armed with your trick, I CALMLY opened the course, ticked all, and changed the level. Voila! My student is thankful as well!