Lessons don't load for android app May 12th

Multiple devices, blank page, no signs of loading.

Sorry to hear that. Can you please let me know which devices exactly you are using and which Android versions you have installed on them? Have you tried to re-install the app and clear apps cache and data?

Samsung SM 580 tablet and Xiaomi 8 Lite. I have tried reinstalling the app on my phone but have not yet cleared apps cache and data. My devices are upstairs charging I’ll get back to you on android FW version and the results of a data wipe.

10 QKQ.190910.002Model M1808D2TG
SM-T580 Galaxy Tab A 2016Android 8.1.0

For both devices, I wiped data and cache, and subsequently, I was able to load at least one lesson. There was a loading circle this time to indicate that something was happening, whereas the last time there was not.
Of course, it makes me go through all the newbie welcome tour bubbles.
Maybe there is a way to disable tutorials/hints?

Are you now able to open any lesson without problem?
Hints can’t be disabled on the app at the moment. But if you confirm on “Got it” when they appear the same popup won’t appear again.