Lesson won't play on MP3 player

I’m curious why the following lesson won’t play on my MP3:

This is the first lesson on lingQ that won’t play. It happens quite a bit with other sites. What’s the difference between the above lesson and, for example, this one:

I am sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with reproducing downloaded MP3 file. I’ve just tried to download MP3 for both lessons you posted link to, and I was able to reproduce both files without any trouble.
Do you get some error message when trying to reproduce it?

I came accross this problem some years ago with an old mp3 player (old, but very good). I figured out that the problem had to do with the bitrate.

I helped myself by adding the mp3 file to audacity and export it with a bitrate my mp3 player knows.

You should compare this mp3 file with others that work.

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Yes, that’s my work around too. Great minds think alike :slight_smile: I was just hoping there was a way to fix it that didn’t require the extra steps or time. My MP3 player is brand new, but super cheap, and it probably uses old technology.