Lesson Translation Issues

Hi Team,
I am absolutely new to French, which I have started learning. I would like to see the English translation for each French lesson to understand the conversation better. I don’t know where to look for.

Please help. Thanks.

You should be able to see translations in your language. Click on each blue word to see them. Save these words by choosing one of the available hints from the community. Or, create your own hint from the dictionaries available.

Full translations do exist for some beginner lessons but most lessons do not have these. They are nice to have but not necessary. The sheer volume of content on LingQ means that full translations for every lesson into every language are simply not possible. Especially since you can import whatever you like into LingQ to learn from and we have no way of translating that text.

But, language learning is not about nailing things down. Especially initially. Get used to uncertainty and don’t worry too much about having perfect comprehension. Just look up and LingQ words and over time, the meanings of the texts will become clear. Just have faith. You can also select and look up phrases which is very helpful.

After a few months, if you return to the first lessons you started on, you will be amazed at how well you understand. It still may not be perfect comprehension but it will be way better than before. Language learning is like the fog gradually clearing. Over time everything gets clearer and clearer. You just have to believe in the process and stay with it and put in the time. The results will come. After all, that is how you learned your native language.

Hope this helps!


Hi Zoran,

Thanks a bunch for giving me tips to learn French. I am going to give it a try as recommended step by step and I am very positive too. Thanks for your quick response.

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IN sentence mode (bottom of page), each sentence can be heard and translated.

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